What is a rotary candle?


A Christmas tradition in northern Europe, rotary candle holders use the heat of a flame to spin a carousel, like this clever creation topped with a magical winter scene. Charming and nostalgic, they are crafted from durable plated iron, to last through the years.
How does a rotating candle holder work?
Angel chimes are metal candle holders that spin when the heat from the candle flame reaches the blades that function as a turbine up top! As they start spinning, the metal decorations jingle and light is scattered across the room for a very cute effect.
What is the advantage of candle holder?
The primary function of candle holders is to provide a secure and safe base for candles to avoid any mishaps. Placing a lighted candle without a sturdy base is like waiting for a disaster to happen. Even a slight push can cause the candle to fall over and the table cloth or curtains might catch fire.
What is the difference between candlestick and candle holder?
Candlesticks and candle holders more or less serve the same purpose, which is to hold candles in place. The major difference is that candlesticks come with spikes, which means that they are only suitable for wax candles.