How do I use a candlestick?


1. The candle needs to be unpacked

Before lighting a candle, we must remove the outer packaging of the candle and avoid flammable items and place them in the reach of children. Then place it on the candlestick and ensure safety.

2. Before the candle is lit

After placing the candle on the candlestick, we don't need to ignite it in a hurry. We also need to trim the wick to about half a centimeter, so that when burning, it won't produce black smoke. Additionally, it should be noted that the candle should not be placed in a well ventilated area to avoid skewing the edges of the burning candle, as it may form wax droplets that may not be aesthetically pleasing.

3. Extinguishing the candle

When not using candles, if you want to extinguish them, you can use a candle lighter. If not, you can raise your index finger and place it in front of the candle. When blowing, the airflow will bypass your finger and extinguish the fire from both sides, making it easier than blowing it out directly.