spinning candle holder 2021 New design


Jinzhen Technology Co., Ltd. newly designed the carousel candle holder. This is a new product that combines color use, color candle jars and rotating tea light holders. It is a newly designed style in 2021. It can not only light up the room, but also make desktop decorations. Don’t have a kind of scenery.
The color pattern on the candle jar can be customized, the hand feels comfortable, the color is bright and lasting, and there is a spring atmosphere in the dull space, which will make your mood more comfortable and let you spend a good night in the romantic candlelight.
The revolving candle pendant is exquisite and delicate, dancing happily in the candlelight, suitable for all indoor places,

This new product is worth recommending to all customers, and it is the best gift for home furnishings and gifts.