About the different meanings of candlesticks


In ancient times, candle holders were used to burn candles. The simple one is a holder with sharp needles, and the elaborate ones will be cast into various craft shapes. They are of different sizes. The small ones are placed on several desks and can be moved while holding them while the larger ones are placed close to the floor, which looks like a floor lamp. They are made of silver, copper, iron, tin, etc. The candle holder is forged, carved, or painted, or cast with various patterns by the inverted mold process. It is a living utensil that integrates practicability, craftsmanship, ornamentation and decoration. In the works of many ancient craftsmen, the innovations in design and production technology can be used for both display and appreciation. During the economic prosperity of the Tang and Song Dynasties, people paid more attention to the taste of life, and even the daily utensils had to be made extremely exquisite, so the candlestick was no longer a single life tool, but also had more artistic appreciation.

Candlesticks are often paired with candles to play a decorative role. In the past, candlesticks were basically used for candles and used to light up lighting. Although the time of power outages is getting less and less, the bright and protagonist days in home lighting are becoming more and more. more. But nowadays all kinds of candles and furnishings have become hot-selling goods in various large home supermarkets. Why? Brightness is no longer the main color of the home. In addition to deliberately creating the effect of soft lighting, the original candlelight with a bit of classicism has become a wonderful brush for home decorations. On those special memorial days, it brings a lively and lively home. The chic atmosphere of the aura makes your romantic creativity fully displayed. Even if it is used as a part of the home furnishings, we should choose the candlestick just right, and don't place it too much indoors.

Following the trend of the times, more and more people like to use candlesticks and candles to decorate their homes and enhance the atmosphere. The decorative function of candlesticks in modern home life has long exceeded practicality. The design of candlesticks is becoming more and more diversified and refined. The candlestick has been given more meaning and soul. Fashionable candlesticks are no longer the world of metals such as iron, copper, gold and silver. Glass, ceramics, wood and even thick paper have become the application scope of candlestick materials. Today’s candlesticks are designed in a more avant-garde and bold style than before, especially the maturity of glass craftsmanship, making glass candlesticks the best among candlesticks, and their shapes are no longer limited to three-dimensional geometric patterns such as circles, squares, and triangles. , More unique animals, fruit shapes emerge in an endless stream, and the angular design makes the candle holder fully enhance the beauty of candlelight. In terms of mood, different candlesticks and candles bring different atmosphere and mood. Exquisite candlesticks add to the taste of home life. Spend a small amount of money to buy various novel candlesticks to decorate the room. Using its wonderful shape and the beauty and fragrance of the candlelight can often highlight the owner’s taste in life, which is also a happy life. Elegant embellishment.